A network of 250 test center associates in more than 100 cities.

Excellent Labs with Superior Infrastructure


Test Labs

Test Labs are to provide test environment where students have to come to the center with an authentic identity proof to claim their exam against registration that is generally for offline as well online mode for different examinations. We have the capability to deliver test labs over 250 test associates in 100+ cities across PAN India.

Key Stats

  • One of the critical element of successful test is a excellent test labs
  • Ginger Webs, has 250 associates in 100+ cities with superior facilities
  • Our test centers are prequalified and meet the basic attributes that facilitates a good exam experience.
  • Assurance of security, infrastructure, quality, cleanlines
  • Test labs are easily accessible and proper sitting area, locker facility, mandatory parking and adequate sanitary arrangement
  • Excellent lab with superior infrastructure
  • Remote invigilation’s by security cameras
  • Largest team of experienced test administer
  • Highly secured authentication
  • 1 Procter for 50 students
  • IT Managers at each center

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