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This product has been developed as an online/offline Skill Assessment Platform with a thought to assess students who are enrolled under any of the Sector Skill Council. This feature enriched platform works on web, mobile as well as in application form and has been integrated on the basis of proper NSQF guidelines and QP criteria. Its user-friendly interface and the expertise to automate even the offline assessment process set it apart from the rest, making it the most convenient Assessment Platform for Skilling. The forte of this platform is the quality of providing best anti-cheat/live proctoring features along with being the only tool to generate automated question paper for each batch from the question bank.


Automated Creation of Test- NOS and PC’s wise:
The tests created for every Qualification Pack follows a strict pattern for every single question that goes according to the National Operating Standards (NOS) and further to the PC’s. Creating questions manually on these standards can be a cumbersome task that has been effectively curated with our automate NOS and PC’s wise test generating platform which automatically generates multiple question papers for each batch from the question bank.

Anti-cheat detection by Live Proctoring:
This online assessment platform incorporates real time proctoring that can be easily monitored throughout the assessment process right from the start till the end.

Real time photo capturing of candidates:
As soon as the assessment begins the smart AI enabled platform ensures live video feeds and random photo capturing at regular intervals that assist in detecting any suspicious behavior of the candidate.

Graphical view for performance analysis:
An easy to decipher performance analysis comes with a graphical view that consists of 5 types of filters- Assessor, Training Partner, Job Role, State and Date ( From - To ).

Assessment tracking through Geo Location, Date & Time stamping:
As soon as the Assessor Logs in or Logs out of the Assessor App, the Geo location with date & time stamping is recorded even in an offline mode- the same gets tracked for the Students as well. Also, all the details are sent via an email to the SSC/AB at the time of Assessor Login.

Reminder mail:
A reminder mail is sent to AB, Assessor and SSC, 24 hours prior to the commencement of the assessment.

Phasing out of most easy and most tough question:
This platform is a smart detector, automatically classifying the questions as most easy or most tough questions. It senses the difficulty/easy level for every question through the number of wrong and right attempts in a specified time. You can also download an available report to see the usage of each question.

Bulk uploading of question Bank:
Upload the complete question bank with NOS and PC wise mapping along with the level of difficulty and marks in a simple excel format as given in the portal.

Works in Online/Offline Mode:
It can be used even in most remote areas because of its quality to run efficiently even on offline mode providing all the features similar to that of online mode.

100% Security of Data:
This Skill Assessment Platform ensures zero possibility of content theft.

User-friendly Interface:
AI enabled user-friendly interface is easily operative and does not require any prior expertise. Its features are specifically designed to render ease and accuracy to the user.

Result and Reporting

Result Analysis Report:
This report consists of 5 different types of parameters that provide a detailed analysis of candidate’s overall performance.

  • Consolidated Report- This is the complete test report.
  • Result Analysis- Job role wise report
  • Result Analysis- State wise report
  • Result Analysis- TP wise report
  • Combined Batch Analysis

Detailed Assessor Report:
These reports help you in verifying the authenticity of the assessor on 3 different levels.

  • Assessor Report Batch wise
  • Geo Location Tagging
  • Login and Logout time stamping
  • Result Analysis- TP wise report
  • Combined Batch Analysis

Question Bank Report:
This report will give you a detailed view about the usage of every single question according to- its repetition in question papers and the ratio of right and wrong attempts.

Student Feedback Report:
This report provides feedback of the students that is related to their knowledge regarding the skill ecosystem.

Candidate Log Report:
Through this you can get a detailed log report for every candidate based on photos, videos, time stamping and Geo location.

Live Feed:
This will give you a real time batch wise view of the candidates through live videos and photos.

On-Rolls/Off-Roles Team members of Skilling

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Empaneled as Audit Partner

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