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Customized testing portal Solution

  • Create tests in minutes

    We provide a platform where you can create your multiple questions, topic & subject wise. This question bank is used in creating tests. Faculty can easily choose questions from question bank to make tests.
  • Reporting

    Experienced reporting formats will help faculty to track the class and schedule extra coursework. These Comparison reports will help you to observe student standings and rank movements.
  • Easily schedule tests

    Once the test is created by faculty, scheduling, online tests is a painless process. You don’t require an examination hall to hold any test, neither do you have to be physically present when your learners take the test. Alternatively, you can set expiry dates to a test to make it available only on certain dates and for a specific duration.
  • Automatically grade tests

    With online tests, there are no stacks of paper to mark, as the questions are automatically graded, saving you tons of time and effort.