Tailor made solution to evaluate OMR sheets

Its secure, accurate and fast

omr sheet processing

Centralized & Decentralized OMR processing

We are skilled to conduct both type of test drives.


Tailor made solution to evaluate OMR sheets

Its secure, accurate and fast

omr scanner

Centralized & Decentralized OMR processing

We are skilled to conduct both type of test drives.


OMR Sheets Processing

OMR sheet processing is the forte of ‘Ginger Webs’, we have been doing the processing of OMR sheets since inception and developed our own in-house house application which gives 100% accuracy. We are capable of scanning 100 thousands of OMR sheets in a day, our knowledge and efficiency to service corporate, education institute and Government customer which always facilitated us to give test delivery on time with accurate data.

Ginger Webs’ process to evaluate hundreds of OMR sheets within minutes and has the ability to relocate its resources to customer place for the processing of OMR sheets. Although the result processing service would vary and dependent on the data delivery to the customer. We have rich experience in the OMR sheets processing and achieving greater success by giving our services to more 2000 organizations which is increasing day by day.

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OMR Sheets Processing Solution

‘Ginger Webs’ offers a trusted OMR solution, OMR is a technology which is used to evaluate OMR sheets by the examination bodies to shortlist the candidates to the next level on the basis of their aptitude. We provide a solution which helps to evaluate OMR sheets within the secured environment provided by the examination conducting body. We have a good quality scanners ranging from 20 - 130 pages / min that supports us to process the bulk volume of OMR sheets and reconciled scores with multiple checks before publishing.

We have processed and evaluated 10 million of OMR sheets during last academic year 2014 - 15 which is an illustration of our quality service. We are open to share our experience and offer consultancy to any educational institution for designing a model to conduct tests.

Centralized OMR processing
Centralized OMR sheet processing is one of the methods which is adopted by many of the Universities which means the processing of bulk OMR sheets in one location within the campus or secured environment of the educational body without any foreign intervention.

  • No Foreign Intervention

  • High

  • Time Bounded Result Generation

  • Less Manipulations chances

  • Processing in front of the examination campus

Decentralized OMR processing
Decentralized OMR sheets processing is a unique way to process the OMR sheets in multiple locations simultaneously immediately after completion of exam. This is the fastest way to process the OMR sheet which benefits the exam conducting body to publish the result within a couple of hours. We are skilled to conduct these type of test drives across PAN India at the same time. We can send our representative to multiple location with handy scanners to process OMR sheets. The features of decentralized OMR processing are as follows.

  • Fastest & Innovative way of processing

  • Trained & experienced technical executives

  • Result processing in front of authorized executives

  • Instant result generation

  • Merging of data on a cloud from multi locations

OMR Sheets Processing

Our Strength

Key Strength

We understand the importance of the test and how crucial is to deliver the result on time that is the impulse to work constructively on our strengths to deliver a quality job. The details of strengths are as follows

  • Tailor made solution
  • 10 million OMR sheet processing 2014-15
  • The daily capacity of OMR Scanning 1.5 Lac / day
  • Enterprise Software for processing of Pre Examination and Post Examination
  • Capable of scanning OMR Booklets

OMR Sheets Processing

Case Studies

case study
Drill-Computer Based Test for DAMS Delhi Pvt. Ltd.

Dams Delhi is one of the top most coaching institutes in India for the PG medical entrance examinations like NEET, AIIMS, PGI, UPSC, DNB & MCI screening. DAMS provide specialized courses which are designed by experts in the respective fields lead by Dr. Sumer Sethi, a radiologist and pervious topper in AIPG/ AIIMS. With more than 20,000 registered students in various courses, Dams Delhi is the leader in market for the preparation of PG entrance examination.

case study
Case Study on The Reknown Indian School Board

The complete project was about to scan and process of the scanned images to convert it into soft data for the analysis of student performance. The scanning and processing were into 2 different stages – 1) Student OMR and 2) Examiner OMR. Student and Examiner OMR processed in two different locations with different scanners.


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