employee performance

Employee Assessment

Research has shown that quality performers exhibit specific behaviors and possess certain key attributes.

But how will you identify them?
Ginger webs’ assessment solutions will help the management to identify the gems among the employees. Our solutions, which are online examination Platform and OMR based solutions can be used for internal assessments among the employees. Not only just the ranks but the in-depth analytic reports will help the management to review past performances, cumulative performance, time management and more quality reports of the employees to rate them. Many corporate are currently using our services for evaluating their employees and thus rating them for annual analysis.

  • Online Examination Portal
    An independent portal for assessing employees among inter and intra offices. Proper analysis reports to know your employee strength and weakness.
  • OMR Based Solution
    Can be used for evaluating paper based assessments and also for surveys to be conducted in the organizations.
  • Lab Based Examination
    A testified and full proofed Lab based examination tool for conducting your assessments in your premises.