Question Bank

Questions play very crucial roles for every organizations, drafting questions papers for practice and examinations on frequent basis is a very hectic process. Question bank software is a unique, easy to use and simplest way of saving your questions in Subject, topic wise and generating question paper in multiple sets is just afew clicks using the software. Once the data of questions are created that can be used for lifetime and the concept behind the development of software is not to spend much time to create question paper.


  • Select questions and generate question paper with organization branding and instructions
  • Entry of questions in a hierarchy such as Subjectwise, Unitwise and Chepterwise.
  • Supports Multi languages.
  • Creates 4 different set of questions paper.
  • Exports question paper in editable form i.e MS word.
  • Assign the rights to different operators and managers.
  • Readily available reports on used questions.