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Job Description :
Develop SQL scripts, including queries, views, stored procedures, functions and triggers in MySQL and Mongo. Work with Application developers and Business Analysts to determine new and changed database requirements and provide solutions accordingly. Monitor MySQL database for performance issues and identity SQL statements and tune them. Participate in software releases using Agile development and DevSecOps model. You will work according to accepted methodology and guidelines and, when the opportunity arises, improving the practice based on new gained knowledge

Experience :4+ years of experience in PL/SQL for MySQL / Maria DB or/and Mongo Significant experience as Application DBA (MySQL / Maria DB) and SQL knowledge Cloud knowledge (preferably AWS)

Requriment :

  • Writing SQL Query
  • Develop SQL scripts

Skills Required :

  • Application DBA (MySQL / Maria DB)
  • Familiar with MySQL tables, views, indexes, SQL, PLSQL, stored procedures, triggers etc.
  • Handled Multiple Servers


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